Within this frame the general public is invited to contemplate and discover the sculpted work of the artist Régine Heim.

Admire art in Zürich

Art has been the thing that moved people for centuries, and it is doing it to this day. People love to try to reach what the artist is trying to say with their artworks, painting, music, literature, sculptures and even to feel the emotions put into dance moves. A piece of art can tell a whole story of a certain period of time. Artists are known for their passion and their hard lives and things they have gone through. So it is often impossible to reach what they are trying to say without knowing who they are and what they have gone through their lives.

Zürich is the right place in Switzerland and even Europe where you can admire almost every type of art. The Art Fair Zürich is the meeting point between artists, art dealers, owners of art galleries and art - lovers. The Art Fair Zürich offers many huge opportunities for making contacts, sales and for making cultural exchange. Besides the Art Fair Zürich there is also the Contemporary Art Fair Zürich that takes place in the Congress Hall, on German it is called Kongresshaus. It takes place for three days, from September 30th until 2nd of October. It offers the same as the Art Fair Zürich, but it is all about contemporary art. This is the right place to be if you are a contemporary art lover. Very close to this building there is a Sexclub Zürich, where you can have a little fun after a long day at the fair.

Art museums

The Museum of Fine Arts in Zürich is the house of one of the most important collections of modern art in Switzerland. It is renowned for its, both temporary collections and permanent art exhibitions. They hold important Swiss and international art exhibits, but besides that they are also known for their extensive collection of works by Alberto and Diego Giacometti. You can also find an exclusive documented collection there relating to the Dada movement. Not only paintings, but also sculptures dating from the Middle Ages to present can be found there. The Museum of Fine Arts, originally Kunsthaus Zürich, is the right place to be in Zürich if you love art.

The Swiss National Museum is located in Zürich. It is very close to the Main Railway Station. It is the house of the country's most comprehensive collection of exhibits relating to Swiss cultural history. And the building is an artwork itself. It is dating from the 19th century and it is a reminiscent of a castle. It represents an epoch that unites a wide variety of styles that were common for architecture in Europe. Behind it's over 100 years old walls you can see the past come alive and experience more than a century of Swiss art.

There are many other art museums and galleries in Zürich worth visiting, but we will let you decide whether or not you will search for more after you have visited these two. Enjoy your time in Zürich and take good and fun memories back with you.